Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a personal identification card?

Answer 1: You can go to Service SA for an I.D card at a cost.

Answer 2: Bungala supplies a Statutory Declaration which includes a photo along with a few personal details, which you will then need to get signed by a Justice of Peace (JP).


Where can I get fast cash loans?

Bungala does not provide access to resources to assist on the fast cash loan markets.


What services are in my area?

Answer 1: Internet access to Community SA sites.

Answer 2: Bungala Staff will assist with access in getting local information


Where can I go to access phone and fax?

Bungala provides access to these resources; however, the phone is only for job providers and not supplied for social use.


Where do I find jobs?

Bungala has internet access for the public to research and find opportunities online; we also have a Facebook page where we update upcoming employment / training within the community.

Please like our Facebook page to keep updated on any employment opportunities


Where can I go to do my resume?

Bungala has 10 years of students resumes saved in our database; we will assist with a format that you can complete on the computers provided in the Resource Centre.