About Us


Bungala Aboriginal Corporation is an Indigenous community organisation that aims to provide employment opportunities for Indigenous people in Port Augusta and the surrounding regions.

Our team works with the local community and with the public and private sectors to develop programs that provide employment opportunities and promote the social, cultural and economic well-being of Aboriginal people.

We have been providing work programs for a variety of skills for more than 20 years, and offer various training programs as well as technical and administrative support for the Aboriginal community in the larger Port Augusta region.

Bungala works closely with education providers such as TAFE SA to offer training and qualifications to help secure ongoing employment, and our Resource Centre offers valuable assistance to members of the Aboriginal community through providing administrative support, access to computers, printers, the internet and phones.


Bungala Aboriginal Corporation was established in June 1994 and has more than 150 members across Port Augusta, Coober Pedy, Oodnadatta and the surrounding regions.

Over the years we have been involved with a variety of Government programs that provide employment opportunities for Indigenous people, including the Community Development Employment Program (CDEP), the Commonwealth Home and Community Care program (HACC, now the Commonwealth Home Support Program, CHSP), Structured Training and Employment Program (STEP) and Indigenous Employment Initiatives (IEI).

Our Pastoral Project  provided training and employment opportunities which placed job seekers in activities that built their skills and on the job experience while also delivering value to the community. Emeroo Station is now part of the State Government’s North West Indigenous Pastoral Project which aims to bring pastoral properties back into production. This project provided the wages to employ an Indigenous Supervisor and four Indigenous pastoral workers who carry out fencing works, develop water infrastructure and perform general station maintenance.

More recently, Bungala has gone through significant changes and a restructure to remain competitive in a changing environment, but its mission remains the same: to provide equal opportunity to gain employment, education and training for the Aboriginal population of Port Augusta and surrounding regions.

Today our main focus is providing employment opportunities through our Commonwealth Home Support Program, providing vital services to the older and frail members of our community, and our Food Service Program which provides on the job training in Hospitality and Cookery with the aim to provide participants with upskilling opportunities.