Bungala Aboriginal Corporation

Creating employment, training and education opportunities for Indigenous communities in Port Augusta and surrounds

Who we are

Bungala Aboriginal Corporation is an Indigenous community organisation that aims to provide employment opportunities for Indigenous people in Port Augusta and the surrounding regions.


Bungala Aboriginal Corporation provides a wide range of services to the local indigenous community through the Resource Centre, including administrative support and access to computers, printers and the internet.


Bungala Aboriginal Corporation provides employment opportunities to Indigenous workers through a variety of programs, including aged and disability care, pastoral projects and Work for the Dole schemes.

Aged Care

Bungala Aboriginal Corporation delivers a variety of aged care services to older and frail people in Oodnadatta, including transport, provision of meals, domestic support such as house cleaning, linen service and yard cleaning, as well as social support both for individuals and groups.

Bungala Pastoral

Bungala Pastoral projects return under-used or un-used properties to their previous economic capacities, and offer skill development under the Work For The Dole program.

Work for the Dole

Bungala works closely with Job Service providers that offer employment and training opportunities through the Work for the Dole program.