About Us
Who we are and what we do

Bungala Aboriginal Corporation is an Indigenous community organisation that aims to provide employment opportunities for Indigenous people in Port Augusta and the surrounding regions.

Our team works with the local community and with the public and private sectors to develop programs that provide employment opportunities and promote the social, cultural and economic well-being of Aboriginal people.

We have been providing work programs for a variety of skills for more than 20 years, and offer various training programs as well as technical and administrative support for the Aboriginal community in the larger Port Augusta region.

Bungala works closely with education providers such as TAFE SA to offer training and qualifications to help secure ongoing employment, and our Resource Centre offers valuable assistance to members of the Aboriginal community through providing administrative support, access to computers, printers, the internet and phones.

Our History

Bungala Aboriginal Corporation was established in June 1994 and has more than 150 members across Port Augusta, Coober Pedy, Oodnadatta and the surrounding regions.

Over the years we have been involved with a variety of Government programs that provide employment opportunities for Indigenous people, including the Community Development Employment Program (CDEP), the Commonwealth Home and Community Care program (HACC, now the Commonwealth Home Support Program, CHSP), Structured Training and Employment Program (STEP) and Indigenous Employment Initiatives (IEI).

More recently, Bungala has gone through significant changes and a restructure to remain competitive in a changing environment, but its mission remains the same: to provide equal opportunity to gain employment, education and training for the Aboriginal population of Port Augusta and surrounding regions.

Today our main focus is on providing employment and training opportunities through the Bungala Pastoral Project, which places job seekers in activities that build their skills and on the job experience while also delivering value to the community. Emeroo Station is now part of the State Government’s North West Indigenous Pastoral Project which aims to bring pastoral properties back into production. This project provides the wages to employ an Indigenous Supervisor and four Indigenous pastoral workers who carry out fencing works, develop water infrastructure and perform general station maintenance.

We also employ Indigenous staff in our Commonwealth Home Support Program, providing vital services to the older and frail members of our community.

Our Board

The Bungala Management Board consists of eight indigenous Bungala Aboriginal Corporation members, and two independent board members.

Current members are:

Walter Benbolt, Chairman

Walter has been a Bungala member since 2003, and a Board Director since 2007. He is employed by Bungala for the Whyalla Hospital Home Assist program and the Emeroo Station Work for the Dole activity as a mentor.

Larl Zada, Secretary

Larl has been a member of Bungala since its inception in 1994, and was also employed by the Corporation prior to retiring. His vast knowledge of the organisation and past employment experiences are greatly valued by the Board, of which Larl became a Director in 2010.

Kenny Dadleh, Treasurer

Now retired, Kenny was previously involved with the Bungala CDEP program, and has been a member of the organisation since 1999. He is a Board Director since 2010, and comes with strong connections to the Indigenous communities of Port Augusta and remote areas.

Robert Coulthard, Member/Director

Robert has been a member of Bungala since 1999, and a Board Director since 2010. His knowledge of the Flinders Ranges districts through his work within communities on maintaining stations and developing new projects adds significant values to Bungala’s Pastoral projects.

Kischa Stuart, Member/Director

Previously undertaking a Traineeship in Business Administration at Bungala, Kischa became a member in 2008, and was appointed to the Board in 2016. Her links to the Port Augusta community and knowledge of Bungala will help identify and focus on local issues, working towards improvements and opportunities for the Indigenous community.

Vacant: Director

Vacant: Director

Vacant: Director

David Hayward, Independent Director

Retiring in February 2016, David was the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Deputy State Manager, and a member of the SA Executive Leadership group responsible for the delivery of federal Government Indigenous services and programs throughout the northern regions of South Australia.

Lyn Breuer, Independent Director

The Mayor of Whyalla since August 2016, Lyn is passionate about the Whyalla and Port Augusta region, striving to provide employment and training opportunities for its residents and increasing the area’s economic prosperity.


There are currently three vacant member positions on the Bungala Board.

Our Team

Bungala Aboriginal Corporation is run by a team of professionals with extensive knowledge of the challenges facing Indigenous Australians.

Robert Laundy, Chief Executive Officer

Rob joined Bungala in 2014 as a consultant, and was appointed CEO in June 2015. He has extensive experience working with Indigenous organisations, including the Yalata communities and in the APY lands.

James Munro, Manager Corporate Services

Prior to joining Bungala in 2011 Jim was a training facilitator in the remote regions of Oodnadatta and Coober Pedy. His extensive experience in the field is a true asset to Bungala, and his knowledge of services administration and IT systems contributes to the organisation’s networking capabilities and increases its efficiencies.

Gordon Dadleh, Project Manager

Gordon joined Bungala in 2012 as a Community Development Officer to engage with local Indigenous Communities in developing community action plans and activities to provide local employment for CDEP participants. Gordon is now responsible for project management and is actively involved upgrading the Oodnadatta complex, work for the dole scheme, Emeroo Station and commercial contracts.

Roseanne Woodforde, Coordinator

Roseanne leads a team of four community care workers and two trainees in delivering the Commonwealth Home Support program at Oodnadatta. Rose joined Bungala in 2010 as an experienced aged care worker and also served on the Board of Directors.